Clips from Egyptian Films

 When we decided to include Egyptian video clips in this site we thought a lot aboutwhich would be the first Egyptian film. Eventually we chose 'Seidi fi a-Gamaa al-Amerikiia ( A man from Upper Egypt in the American University in Cairo). We selected this film because it was the biggest Egyptian hit in 1998 which its domestic revenues exceeded 25 million Egyptian pounds and more than $10 millions in international boxoffice. This new record emerged some great expectations that Egyptian cinema could revive the glories of its golden era.

So we hope you like these clips form Seidi fi al-Gamaa al-Amerikiia
Starring: Mohamed Hinidi, Ahmed a-Sakka, Mona Zaki, Tarek Lotfy
Seidi fi a-Gamaa al-Amerikiia 1 2.4 MB
Seidi fi a-Gamaa al-Amerikiia 2  6 MB

And see also clips from Hysteria
Starring: Ahmed Zaki, Sharief Monir, Abla Kamel  

Hysteria 1 3.7 MB
Hysteria 2 3.8 MB


Laugh ....the Photo Will Be Great
(Idhak... a-Soura Tetlaa Helwa)
Starring: Ahmed Zaki, Sanaa Gamil, Mona Zaki, Karim Abdul-Aziz, Ezat Abou-Ouf
A highly recommended film for all kind of people... Written by Wahid Hamed and directed by Sharif Arafa, a team who have already made a number of such good films. Special acknowldgement to actor Ahmed Zaki as the father for Mona Zaki as his only daughter who is excessively cares about her, and also to the newcomer Karim Abdul-Aziz.
   Idhak... (1) 4.4 M
   Idhak... (2) 4.6 M

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