Multi-Language Browsing Optimization

Some pages on this site and many others include pages with Arabic character set. Not every browser can support this. For example Netscape Navigator is a browser everyone loved someday. But it seems that the company is not interested very much in applying a full-featured Arabic -or in general multi-language- HTML writing and browsing capabilities in its package. The designers of Arabic WebPages should comply to many limitations to make their pages viewed through the Netscape browser.

If you have Arabic Windows platform, it's an interesting experience to enforce the Netscape Communicator to read pages in Arabic. It's easy, but don't expect a magic solution to fix everything. Just use the Preferences command, in Fonts tab set the language to Japanese or something, then choose 'Tahoma (Arabic)' or any other Arabic font. Then choose Japanese or whatever from the Character Set command!

However and regardless to the language of your Windows platform, it's obvious that Internet Explorer offers a comprehensive solution to the multi-language Internet browsing. If you already have an Arabic Windows with Arabic interface or what Microsoft usually calls 'Local' version, you can download an Arabic Internet Explorer version. But if have the much better 'Enabled' Arabic version with the regular English interface or don't have any Arabic versions at all, you might be much luckier. You can achieve relatively powerful multi-language browsing features through some major procedures called Windows Updating. This operation is minimal now if you have the Local version or even if you set your Internet Explorer language to Arabic.

First, if you don't have the latest version of Internet Explore installed on your computer, you might begin by downloading the newest standard version of Internet Explorer.

Second you can proceed to the Windows Update. But before Updating we highly recommend to check that your IE language is set solely to US English. The English interface will allow you to select between a lot of valuable components. You can do this from the IE Menu Bar: Tools> Internet Options> General> Languages> Add (and/or Remove). You should restart your browser (or computer) before proceeding to Update.
Update your Windows now!

This site, as many of major sites on the Internet (Yahoo UK, Fox News and Telegraph to mention a few), still uses the technology called Java Virtual Machine. Due to legal wrangling between Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, it's no longer available from Microsoft Windows Update site. Microsoft introduced its own version called Microsoft Virtual Machine. For XP systems it only comes as a part of the update known as Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1). Try your Windows Update now (only if you run a legal copy of Windows XP). However, you still can download the required (UPDATE) file msjavx86.exe from third party sites like this or this. You also can install Sun Microsystems’ version. It downloads and installs automatically if you visited this page in its Java official site (or use direct manual download here).

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