Clips from Egyptian Films
 When we decided to put Egyptian video clips in our site we thought a lot about the first Egyptian movie and we decided to put s3idi fi al gam3a al amerikeia ( A man from Upper Egypt in American University in Cairo) and we chose this film because it was the biggest hit in 1998 and its revenue more than 25 million Egyptian pound and this was the biggest revenue for an Egyptian film more than 30 years ago and we hope that Egyptian films come alive again like old days when Egyptian cinema was number 2 in export and national income 
So we hope you like these clips form S3idi fi al gam3a al amerikeia
The cast: Mohamed Hinidi, Ahmed Al saka, Mona Zaki, Tarek Lotfy
S3idi fi al gam3a al amerikeia 1 2.4 M
S3idi fi al gam3a al amerikeia 2   6 M

And see also clips for Hesteria
The Cast: Ahmed Zaki, Sharief Mounier, Abla Kamel

Hesteria1 3.7 M
Hesteria2 3.8 M
Hesteria3 5.1 M
Laugh ....The picture will be great
Adhak..............el sora tetla3 helwa
The Cast: Ahmed Zaki, Sana Gamil, Mona Zaki, Karim Abdul Aziz, Ezat Abou Ouf 4.4 M
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We recommend this film for all kind of people ....We thank Wahid Hamed the writer for writing such a great film like this, and Sharif Arafa the director with his taste in doing good films, and nobody will forget the great actor Ahmed Zaki as a father for Mona Zaki as his only daughter who cares and afraid about her, and the new face Karim Abdul Aziz .........he will be a new rocket in a few years.

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