[Tuesday, June 11, 2002 10:51 PM: A discussion with Mona while typing The Post-Human Civilization on technology (hence all nOusics) as the real living identities no better definition of life than immortality


The website which explores the most essential traits and laws of matter, nature and Universe; the Mindful Substance with Its Own and Built-in Mind or the nous within ousia.

[20011213 4:47 PM: It tries to answer a simple question:


It will ask questions as: Is Sophistication the ultimate purpose of Universe?

[Friday, January 18, 2002 11:46 PM: nOusics are he most durable aspects of the Universe. They survived for billions of years. They were constant along the whole life span of the Universe or the life span of Life on the Earth.




ousia, I. that which is ones own, ones substance, property; phanera ousia real property, immovables. II. in Philosophy, 1. stable being, immutable reality. 2. substance, essence; opp. modes; opp. accidents. 3. true nature. 4. the possession of such a nature, substantiality. 5. in the concrete, the primary real, the substratum underlying all change and process in nature. 6. in Logic, substance as the leading category.

nous, I. 1. mind, as employed in perceiving and thinking, sense, wit. 2. a. to have sense, be sensible. b. to have one's mind directed to something. 3. mind, more widely, as employed in feeling, deciding, etc., heart. 4. mind, resolve, purpose. 5. a. reason, intellect. b. Mind as the active principle of the Universe. II. 1. act of mind, thought. 2. purpose, design. III. sense, meaning of a word, etc.


See the full entries of ousia, noos in Liddell-Scott-Jones Lexicon of Classical Greek


Being literally the most essential dot com on the Earth,
welcome to one of the finest experiences your mind can enjoy and share with others!





[Saturday, August 20, 2005 01:57 AM: Sitting on toilet, thinking of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, then how that the sudden death of Alexander finished it all, and then how that the leadership (the defining criteria of civilization and the should-be my next nOusia see below), resembles how the thermodynamic engines produce work. THEN came the birth of something I may not have time to write or study but, say, teach to some resachers in the future:

nOusology is the science that studies how far a given social activity conforms or conforms not to the laws of Nature!

(For example: Is democracy anti-nOusic?)



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The nOusias

(All nOusias are subjected to be revisited, updated, expanded or even deleted. Email me your opinion)


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Aki's Eye

 January 17, 1999: Launch!




nOusia No. 1: Control: From galaxies to molecules, from wealth to sex, control is the essence of existence. Even a newly born baby thinks he, or she, controls everybody!


[Tuesday, September 17, 2002 07:02 PM: Re-thinking of (koizumi, Agent Smith and Mbeki) relation between engineering and philosophy Effieciency becams a nOusia but actually I talked about it and Economy as one thing. Separated Friday, October 04, 2002 10:59 AM nOusia No. 2: Economy: The Minimization of Energy Law stands behind not only surface tension in fluids, geometrical beauty of spherical shape and lowest potential energy of resting objects. From particle to celestial orbits, this law governs all.


nOusia No. 3: Efficiency: Output should be as greater as possible. Engineering, economy and even living organisms are all about efficiency. In science, technology and life, its almost the law behind every other law.


nOusia No. 4: Sophistication: the vertical complication e.g. evolution.


[Saturday, August 20, 2005 01:57 AM: Sitting on toilette, thinking of (see above). THEN came this nOusia and the birth of nOusology: nOusia No. 5: Leadership: The sudden death of Alexander finished it all. The leadership, which is the defining criteria of civilization, resembles how the thermodynamic engines produce work and hot sun produces life. Its the potential energy that leads to activity, evolution and creation.


nOusia No. 6: Thursday, February 14, 2002 02:54 AM while modifying Koizumis entry Conglomeration: the horizontal complication, e.g. globalization.


nOusia No. 7: Socialization: i.e. Interactivity. Gathering into society makes organs more effective, secure and survivable. The whole is more than the sum of parts!


[20011218 3:57 PM: First nOusia: nOusia No. 8: Specialization: The material tend to differentiate between the parts it constitute. For example in living organisms as in civilizations the specialty of its organs should be so obvious into brain, muscles etc.


[Sunday, January 20, 2002 02:32 PM First minute of a Mervat Mohsen TV program called Ouon talking about sharks and their individual personalities: nOusia No. 9: Individuality: Individuality is a criteria of Life. We see bacteria as just a bacteria electron as just an electron. Its just a functional bacteria or electron. Every electron should have a lot of smaller particles related to it constituting it own personality or uniqueness.


[20040529 05:14 PM Writing yesterday on Gnostics about the new structurals that lead to civilizations collapse. But do biological organisms die for the same reason, a structural in the commanding capital, the brain? Its almost von Newmann question: Whats Life? By now, evolution isnt a satisfying answer. People die without any evolution in the surroundings. Death is still a mystery and, anyway, might not be inevitable: nOusia No. 10: Death: It isnt even essential for evolution, but for giant universes, for tiny ants, for civilizations, for machines and even for ideas, it seems, inevitable. Actually, for non-apparent reasons yet!


[20021201 04:59 AM: Thinking of that beauty measures are the most moderate or average (old cover story of Newsweek or something) and of Tawfiq Al-Hakim notorious Egyptian Equilibrism. Also in Webster Cyclicity nOusia No. 11: Cyclicality: Death should follow life. Life should lead death. Increase of Entropy seems inevitable, but polarization should be reborn, somehow, somewhere. Spiral of Dialectic wont stop rising, ever!




To Be or Not to Be

Hamlet (just a temporal quote!)


  5 Ӂ 1996 .    !




The nOusics Book

nOusics: The Quest for the Next Organon:Thiss the original and might be centeral book of this site. As title indicates, it deals with

1- Its a part of both Physics and Philosophy. Rather its a link of special interest between them.
2- Substance [in concrete or in logical sense] is the only truth.
3- Its matter with identity, will and mind -but not soul etc.

The nOusic Books

nOusic Book or 'nBook' is the daring new format for book publishing and though trading on the Net.

The only condition for proposing a new book is
The site adopts a lot of books ...
One of them is
hypatia.com a separate site-book on the ever approaching New Dark Ages of religiousness.


Actually there's no Next Organon. The first -Aristotle's- was, as usually said, 'massively' defective. The 'New' -Bacon's- was never finished. Even worse, the 'Next' deals with tons of scientific knowledge no human can conceive nor manage.


'Its properties are permanent: the acids and metals never lie; their yea is yea, their nay, nay.' Emerson: The Mind on Fire.


A message from Mr. Substance aka Dr. Ahmed Zeweil.



  5 Ӂ 1996 :

Searching for the Most Fundamental Laws of Universe


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On the Net since January 17, 1999.

Started in Sep 5, 1996 as a draft of a new edition of Medhat Mahfouz Post-Human Civilization.

The concept was then called The Higher Material.

A new beginning came through the Future Guide proposed by Ahmed Soleiha 19990105. This materialized during the Sunday, January 17 to Thursday April 15, 1999 No More Tight Shoes KSA Visit No. 1! i.e. Look-Back-in-Anger-to-Petty-Aims-of-Life (aka Egypt & Film Criticism!) and-Go-for-the-Future-Guide. (See Agenda1.doc & KSA paper agendas)

19990512 ~10:00 PM, Bus 44 in the crowded Terat al-Gabal St, Hadyek Al-Qobba: Philosophy of Science is my right field of study.

Control.doc launched 19990528 11:21 PM in a moment remembering something came and gone during sleep ~14 hours earlier. It documented in detail all path of thoughts since January 17 and never re-edited after May 30!

The Superology (Not just one law of Control) came all of a sudden in 19990720 06:19 AM, the tenth day of the rather casual KSA Visit No. 2. Birth documented moment by moment in paper agendas.

1999s Anger and melancholic mood never ended until last days of May 2000  (See Agenda1.doc), Actually 19991202 Think Internet wasnt a breakthrough until the Wael A-Sherbienys idea of Entertaiment Numbers became morally and financially satisfactory in May 2000. Then writings and pages were added enthusiasticly. The 20000512 02:30 PM Green Mile nightmare was the climax of the melancholic life but a push for re-working on aphorism and axiom pages Ousic.com and Hypatia.com (both saved printed May 15) and publishing the Technology page (The second to Hollywood).

Word nousia itself 20000218 10:48 PM on returning from Next Organon KSA Visit No. 3, but was immidiately abandoned for Ousia.

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Re-invented almost by the same way (re-reading IEPs Anaxagoras!!!!!) 20011021 06:29 AM.

Domain acquired 20011118 07:43 AM.

Most of above was written 20011207 all-day and added to Agenda.doc at KSA Visit No.4 in July 1, 2001.

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