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Medhat Mahfouz Cook


- Egyptian writer. The founder and editor-in-chief of EveryScreen.com, which went online in July 18, 1998. It is the first opinion site in Arabic language, the first ever in this language to be listed in Yahoo! search ‘tree,’ and, at least for a decade on, is rated by Alexa as the ‘Most Popular in Personal Multi-Issues Pages’ in any language on the web.

- On this site he wrote hundreds of commentary entries in several topics and published numerous books, including his mammoth ‘Sahm Cupid’’ (2007, a title with double meaning in Arabic -- Cupid’s Arrow or Cupid’s Equity or Stock). This near-futuristic novel is pro-capitalism pro-all-liberties (maybe except the freedom for liberty adversaries), that tries to study the history, the genetic roots, and hence to predict the full extent, of the Arab threat to his own country’s promising future and to the Human Civilization in general.

- Before this electronic era, he authored the 1989' forerunner futuristic study ‘Post-Human Civilization,’ and the 1000-page ‘Encyclopedia of Personal Computer’ published in 1996. He is the editor-in-chief of the giant guidebook ‘Movies on Every Screen’ (Dalil Al-Aflam, latest edition 1998), the first and only movie guide in Arabic language. This book was first published in 1987 under the title ‘Movies on Videotape’ (Dalil Aflam al-Video).

- He is a film critic and technology and economic analyst specialized in media, entertainment and computing. He founded the trend of financial and technological analysis of entertainment industry in Arabic-spoken journalism and media. That came between 1991 and 1996 through his writings in ‘Al-Alam Al-Yum,’ the first Arabic daily financial, to which he contributed from its very ‘zero’ issues. Afterwards, he convoyed his interests to the Arabic-spoken TV, through a handful of programs, mostly on Nile Drama Channel. This included founding and writing the first 162 episodes of ‘Entertainment in Numbers.’ This was between March 2000 and December 2001 in which the popular program introduced for the first time in Egyptian TV -among other items- a twice-a-week analysis of both American and Egyptian box-office.

- He is the editor-in-chief of many film festival books, including Cairo International Film Festival, Cairo International Film Festival for Children, and Ismailia Documentary and Short Film Festival.

- Alongside with a lot of articles and studies, he translated numerous books into Arabic particularly for the Egyptian General Book Organization. They include ‘Fantastic Cinema’ (1984), ‘American Film Genres’ (1976), on cinema and the machine intelligence phenomenally shocking book ‘The Fifth Generation,’ (1982), among others on science and technology. He also participated in the Organization's project of translating the US' World Book Inc. encyclopedia ‘World Book’ in mid-1990s

- Born in 1955 and graduated with honor degree from Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University in 1978.

(Read him recounting some of his intellectual life in the Globalization page)



Credits of MOVIES ON EVERY SCREEN book (Dalil al-Aflam)

Editor-in-Chief: Medhat Mahfouz

Editing Manager: Mohamed Hatab

Research: Zakaria Abdul-Hamid, Elhamy Rizk-Allah, Nadim Michelle (read the special page obituary), Rafat Al-Hawary, Mohamed Al-Morsey.

Executive Manager: Mekawy Saied

Design: Mohamed Haridy

Marketing Coordinator: Zahret Al-Wady Gamal A-Din

This edition of the book is dedicated to the memory of Mohamed Ali Khalil.




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